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Meg Kosh

video producer and 2D/3D artist

I'm video producer, a 2D/3D artist with 7 years of experience in this industry, I do any kind of 2d animation, 3d animation, 3d product promo video, archviz and walkthrough animation and VR/AR production. I think I'm a highly intuitive problem solver and critical thinker. My experience has taught me to see through to the end result, predict where the challenges might be, then reverse engineer the steps to get the job done. I have worked for a wide spectrum of studio cultures, team dynamics and personalities, and thus given me some good insight about the hidden challenges of a group effort toward a common goal. You would want me on your team because I'm easy to work with, have strengths in multiple digital mediums, have a vast amount of experience, and most importantly, I have the ability to have even a team with some extra man power and different skills for any project. Key Qualifications and Areas of Expertise • Create quality animation using digital tools • Teamwork experience • Plan shots with an understanding of story/context • Effective storytelling capabilities • Excellent block animation using audio dialog track • Great communication and liaison skills Technical and Traditional Skills • Adobe Premiere and Illustrator • Adobe After Effect • Maya and 3DS Max • ToonBoom • Lumion • Moho • Unity and Unreal • Asset Drawing • Adobe Photoshop • Character Drawing
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Double Impact Studio
Jan 2017 – Jan 2020
Multimedia Designer and creative director
Project management. 2d animation Drawing 2D sketches, artwork, and illustrations. 3d animation VR/AR production 3d product promo video Archviz and walkthrough animation
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comelite design studio
Jan 2015 – Sep 2017
3d leading director
3d product promo video Archviz and walkthrough animation
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Jun 2010 – Jan 2015
3D Animator
Freelance 3D Artist