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Moin sheikh

Marketing and Website designer

Jaipur, India
Manger at Hadoti India
Marketing & Advertising
Joined May 27, 2024


As a dynamic marketing professional with a robust background in developing and implementing innovative marketing strategies, I bring a wealth of expertise in various digital marketing disciplines. My proficiency in English and my diverse skill set enable me to craft compelling campaigns that drive engagement and deliver results. Core Competencies: Marketing Strategies: Expert in crafting and executing data-driven marketing plans that align with business objectives and maximize ROI. Meta Ads: Skilled in creating and managing effective Meta (formerly Facebook) ad campaigns that reach targeted audiences and achieve marketing goals. Google Ads: Proficient in designing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns to increase visibility and drive conversions. Canva Operating: Adept at using Canva to create visually appealing graphics and marketing materials that enhance brand messaging. Website Design: Experienced in designing user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing websites that provide an excellent user experience. Social Media Management: Competent in managing social media accounts, developing content strategies, and engaging with audiences across various platforms. SEO: Knowledgeable in search engine optimization techniques to improve website rankings, increase organic traffic, and boost online presence. Experience: Developed and executed comprehensive marketing strategies that increased brand awareness and customer engagement. Managed multiple successful Meta and Google Ads campaigns, resulting in significant improvements in lead generation and sales. Designed and launched user-friendly websites that enhanced user experience and contributed to higher conversion rates. Created and curated high-quality content for social media platforms, leading to increased follower growth and engagement. Implemented effective SEO tactics that improved search engine rankings and organic traffic for various clients. Professional Philosophy: I believe in the power of strategic thinking and creativity to drive marketing success. My approach is always data-driven, ensuring that every decision is backed by insights and analytics. I am passionate about staying ahead of industry trends and continuously refining my skills to deliver the best results for my clients. Let's Connect: I'm always open to new opportunities and connections. Feel free to reach out if you're looking for a dedicated marketing professional to help elevate your brand and achieve your business goals
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Hadoti India
Jul 2023 – Present