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Muneeb Zaidi

I m a talented graphic designer with a passion for visual storytelling and attention to detail. With 5+ years of experience

los angles, U.S. Virgin Islands
Project Manager at One Designs Studio
Information Technology & Services
Joined June 14, 2023



I m a talented graphic designer with a passion for visual storytelling and attention to detail. With 5 +years of experience, I creates compelling designs that captivate audiences. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and staying up to date with industry trends, i Emma delivers high-quality work, including branding, marketing collateral, and web design. Collaborative and dedicated, i commit to exceeding client expectations and creating visually tactfully designs that leave a lasting impression. Satisfaction is my speciality.
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One Designs Studio
Jan 2018 – Present
los Angles
Project Manager
As a Project Manager, i am responsible for overseeing the planning, execution, and completion of projects within an organization. my main responsibilities would include: Project Planning: Collaborating with stakeholders to define project objectives, scope, deliverables, and timelines. Developing a comprehensive project plan that outlines tasks, resources, and dependencies. Team Leadership: Building and leading cross-functional project teams, assigning roles and responsibilities, and fostering a collaborative and high-performance work environment. Providing guidance, motivation, and support to team members throughout the project lifecycle. Risk Management: Identifying potential risks and developing risk mitigation strategies. Monitoring and evaluating project risks regularly, and implementing corrective actions when necessary. Ensuring project compliance with relevant regulations and quality standards. Documentation and Reporting: Maintaining accurate project documentation, including project plans, schedules, budgets, and reports. Generating comprehensive project status reports and presenting them to stakeholders, highlighting progress, issues, and recommendations. Lessons Learned and Continuous Improvement: Conducting post-project evaluations to identify lessons learned and areas for improvement. Documenting best practices and implementing them in future projects to enhance project efficiency and effectiveness. Quality Assurance: Ensuring project deliverables meet established quality standards. Conducting quality reviews, implementing quality control measures, and facilitating quality assurance processes throughout the project lifecycle. These responsibilities may vary depending on the organization, industry, and specific project requirements. As a Project Manager, My ultimate goal is to deliver projects successfully, meeting stakeholder expectations while managing resources, risks, and timelines effectively.