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Muntazir Seth

Customer Support Specialist: Driving business Growth Through Expert Chat, Email, and Phone Support.

Lisbon, Portugal
Front end sale in electronics repair and maintenance shop at ZZF
Joined November 28, 2023



I am an experienced Customer Support Specialist with a focus on driving growth for small and medium-sized businesses. I am proficient in chat, email, and phone support. My strengths lie in excellent communication and problem-solving skills. I have a proven track record in delivering timely resolutions, and proactively communicating progress to clients. I excel in providing product and tool support to enhance overall client experiences.
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Aug 2023 – Present
Front end sale in electronics repair and maintenance shop
Basic training for Mobile phone, laptop and Electronics item repair technicians run tests to assess the functionality, install and update phone software, troubleshoot wiring problems, and replace damaged parts and components such as batteries, LCD screens, keypads, buttons, Ic's. Educating clients on optimizing their usage of social media platforms and mobile phones for enhanced efficiency.
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H.A.Patel & Co. Petrol Station
Dec 2016 – Jul 2017
Gujarat India
Automation Machine Handler
Technical skills - I possess expertise in operating and maintaining various automated manual machines. I am adept at machine setup, calibration, and troubleshooting. Additionally, I can proficiently read and interpret technical drawings, blueprints, and manuals. Problem-solving and Analytical Skills: I excel at identifying, diagnosing, and resolving technical issues related to machines. I have a strong troubleshooting ability for both mechanical and electrical malfunctions. Attention to Detail: I have a keen eye for quality control and precision in machine operation. I am diligent in monitoring equipment performance and identifying any deviations. I am meticulous when it comes to documenting machine settings, maintenance tasks, and inspection records.
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Jul 2015 – Nov 2016
Bangalore India
Customer service associate - Operational Apple process
Utilize SAP software to access and update customer information and resolve customer inquiries and complaints related to Apple products and services. Provide technical support to clients who have inquiries, complaints, or technical issues related to Apple products and services through the use of SAP software and other tools and resources. Interact with clients via email, calls, and other communication channels to address and resolve inquiries, complaints, and technical issues related to Apple products and services. Maintain accurate and complete records of customer interactions and transactions using SAP software and other tools and resources. Use appropriate tools and systems, including SAP software and other tools and resources, to assist in resolving customer issues and inquiries