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Nikolaos Alexandrakis

Senior Database Engineer

Computer Software
Joined October 9, 2022


GSM Billing, Roaming, Billing Systems, IT Consulting, Asset Management, Supply Chain I have 20 years of experience within highly regulated environments (Investment Banking, Global Distribution Applications, Pharmaceutical Industry, and Telecommunications). Intentionally, I have tried to diversify the roles that I have taken up to gain a broad perception of the IT standards and practices in different industries and companies. It paid back because I have developed a way of working, which includes learning fast, appreciating teamwork, and analyzing problems effectively. In addition, I offer solutions where other professionals are keeping themselves back. This attitude was beneficial in my last roles. Because of the agile way of working and the geographical distribution of the team, I was able to work on different tasks covering a broad range of technologies and roles, including stakeholder handling. Currently, I am interested in assignments that I can be engaged in remotely or with limited travel on the client's premises. This mode of working does not sacrifice productivity. In the contract, this is the way to be successful for projects that require attention and extreme focus. The client also has the advantage of not taking over the costs related to relocation or commuting. The consultant is engaged as long as it is required and for the tasks that he can contribute.