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Polina Sukhorukova


Kharkiv, Ukraine
Joined April 3, 2023



Native or Bilingual
I like to develop and I have been working hard on it. I am ready to put my knowledge into practice. I have strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, TS, React, and Node.js. I am interested in learning new technologies such as Vue/Angular/React native. In my previous role, my managers noted that I could automate and optimize everything. And it was true. Thanks to my ability to work in a team and to find an approach to each client, it was always possible to successfully manage credit and financial support issues in a limited time. Thanks to well-organized processes, Kharkiv regional office has been the best in Ukraine since 2015, I made a lot of contributions to achieve this result, such as automation of citizen consultation, report quality improvement, and implementing work processes in Trello.
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Kharkiv regional office of State Fund for support of youth housing construction
Jan 2013 – Jan 2022
Ukraine, Kharkiv
Deputy chief at consulting and credit department
-advised citizens (despite having to handle over 300 clients per week, less than 5% of them required an additional consultation thanks to the effectiveness of my consultation plan) -supported Joomla-based website (news, information for customers, promulgation of financial reporting) -provided loans and state financial support (100% of expected results were always achieved) -reported (all reports submitted on schedule and without mistakes) -contacted local authorities, banks, insurance companies -managed the department (I introduced small meetings to discuss the current situation and possible problems, and in cooperation with the team we managed everything) -organized effective work on consulting and implementation of housing financial support programs for various segments of the population