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This project is a fictional, Italian rendition of the masterwork material of the "Books of Sorrow", and the sparse lore of the tragedy that involved the First Crota Fireteam, from the "Destiny" video game franchise. Even though the book is an homage to the Bungie IP, it was initially conceived as a tie-in between distant and scattered lore materials and the consequences of those stories prior to the launch of the "Shadowkeep" DLC, to help the Italian community to get a grip on the Hive long-lasting legacy and history in the Destiny franchise. I put together a prose narrative, intertwined with Grimoire and Lore quotation from the game, retranslating when necessary to fix some continuity errors and other translation mistakes. The PDF is over 100 pages, and it is enriched with original illustrations that I have drawn in Photoshop (around 30 in total). This was a passion and a no-profit project, intended as an homage to the rich and mysterious lore world of Destiny (all rights reserved to Bungie).
Published:August 23, 2021
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