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Smart AC Mobile app design

The traditional Air Conditioners (ACs) are not energy efficient and don't allow their users to control and maintain the dumb AC according to their own schedule and needs. Extreme temperatures in summers create a demand for air conditioners in Pakistan but the dumb ACs are less environment friendly, add to an existing energy deficit issue, and cost a hefty amount. A smart Air Conditioner (AC) device that can attach to even the traditional dumb ACs can make those ACs more energy efficient and give their users more control over the AC's operations. An impactful UI/UX mobile app design for this smart device can replace traditional remote controls and allow the users to operate at ease. The app should give its' users an option to run on their own set schedules according to time, temperature thresholds, and on/off features based on geographical distance from a particular set location too. Note: I designed the brand logo, identity, name, and the UI/UX for its mobile application.
Published:April 26, 2020
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