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Solar Media Dashboard UI and UX Design

This project was my final submission for UX Design class at NYU and involved an actual Solar media company in NY. The design challenge for this project was: how might we help developers monitor and maintain energy consumption of a website using UI/UX components/tools. Based on user research data, the persona development, card sorting sessions etc, I learnt about the users' needs and motivation. From there, I developed my idea from paper prototypes and low fidelity wireframes to high fidelity wireframes and finally a clickable prototype. After user testing the first iteration, a second prototype was made and re-tested on the users. The clickable options on the side bar were intentionally made 7 and I concluded to this figure after testing the initial prototype on users. Overall, the design was made simple yet comprehensive. The randomly selected developers on whom the product was tested, found the UI/UX elements helpful to monitor and maintain energy consumption levels of a website.
Published:April 26, 2020
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