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Raheel Ali

Sr. Software Engineer | .NET | Full Stack

New York, United States
Senior Software Engineer at AgileNinja Consulting
Studied Computer Science at AIOU
Computer Software
Joined November 15, 2023



Native or Bilingual
Senior .NET Full Stack Engineer having 7 years of experience, and in-depth knowledge of languages and development tools. Experienced developer with a strong background in building and maintaining scalable web applications. Proficient in programming languages and frameworks, including C#, ASP .NET, ASP .NET Core, JavaScript, Typescript, AngularJs, Angular 13, SQL Server, and Cloud computing, Microsoft Azure Cloud.
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AgileNinja Consulting
Feb 2021 – Present
Senior Software Engineer
● Collaborated in the development of extensive features, enriching the product's capabilities and providing enhanced value to customers. ● Skillfully refactored and optimized codebase, resulting in improved performance and a smoother user experience. ● Participated in architecture, design, and implementation of backend features using C#, .NET Core Framework, and frontend in Angular 13. ● Migrated Applications from .NET Framework to .NET Core Microservices Architecture and updated old code bases to modern development standards, improving functionality. ● Communicate with the clients to understand their requirements and deliver solutions that meet their business needs. ● Successfully developed multiple projects with proficiency in diverse technologies. Demonstrated strong coding skills and a keen eye for detail. Consistently delivered high-quality results while meeting project deadlines. Continuously expanded expertise to tackle new development challenges. ● Designed and developed a robust and scalable microservices architecture for fraud prevention within a payment gateway application, enhancing the system's security and significantly reducing instances of fraudulent transactions. ● Tech Stack: .NET Framework, .NET Core 6.0, Microservices, SQL Server, WebAPIs, REST APIs, Angular 13, Azure, Azure DevOps (CI/CD), Grafana, Angular Material Design, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Typescript.
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Oct 2017 – Jan 2021
Senior Software Engineer
● Worked as a Full Stack Engineer, built many features of EMR System, performance optimizations, deployments, and customer support. ● Responsible for maintaining WebAPIs and Integration of third-party APIs. ● Modeled scheduling of tasks in Workflow using RabbitMQ. ● Tested the functions by writing XUnit Tests. ● Conducted code reviews to ensure high-quality deliverables. ● Integrated third-party services and APIs to extend application capabilities and improve user experience. ● Incorporated Inventory Management and Pharmacy Point of Sale module to Existing EMR application. ● Tech Stack: C#, .NET Framework, NET Core 3.1, Web APIs, SQL Server, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Blob Storage, Azure DevOps, AngularJs, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Jira, Bitbucket.
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Apr 2016 – Sep 2017
Software Engineer
● Developed a highly configurable compensation solution designed from the HR perspective using .Net Framework on the back end and React.js on the front end. ● Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure the successful delivery of the project. ● Built an interactive and user-friendly component in React.js and followed the best practices to improve the application’s functionality and performance. ● Tech Stack: C#, .NET Framework, REST APIs, SQL Server, MongoDB, React.js, AWS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS.
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Jan 2012 – Jan 2016
Bachelor's, Computer Science