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Rana Hakim

Ecommerce copywriter

Marketing & Advertising
Joined July 23, 2023



Native or Bilingual
I am an ecommerce copywriter specializing in helping online retailers improve their content marketing and sales. I have over 5 years of experience crafting powerful copy that converts and engages customers. My passion is helping ecommerce businesses tell their unique brand story through well-written product descriptions, blog content, email promotions and social media posts. I love researching a niche to determine what needs and desires are not being met, and then crafting copy that can fulfill those needs. My strengths: • Niche research - I thoroughly research the target audience, industry trends and competitors to ensure my copy is relevant, accurate and persuasive. •SEO best practices - I optimize all copy for search engines and follow SEO guidelines to improve click-through rates and ranking. •Tone of voice - I develop the right tone that matches the brand personality and speaks to the desires of the target customer. •Persuasive writing - I motivate customers to take action through compelling, straightforward copy that presents a clear benefit. •Precision - I pay careful attention to grammar, spelling and alignment with the client's goals to deliver copy that represents their brand well. •Proven process - I have a tested methodology for creating high-converting copy from keyword research to headline testing. My goal as an ecommerce copywriter is to help online businesses stand out from competitors and increase sales through words that captivate, convince and spur customers to buy. If I can help improve your marketing results and sales through powerful copy.