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Advance & Data-driven Digital Marketing

I have long-term working experience and professionalism in Digital Marketing. I will provide you with the best and most updated service. I've specialization in WordPress, Google Ads [PPC Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads & You Tube Ads,(Brand Awareness Campaign, Sales Campaign, Website Traffic Campaign, Leads Campaign, Local Stores Visit and Promotion Campaign)] Facebook Ads[Campaign Setup, Catalogue Setup, Meta Business Account Setup, Facebook Conversion API Setup, Facebook PIXEL Setup] Conversion Tracking with Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Analytics ( GA4), Google Shopping Ads with Merchant Center, Microsoft Clarity integrate with website for getting user activity in video and Heatmaps ,Facebook Pixel, Conversion API & Shopify Store with GTM, Woo Commerce , SEO { Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Website Audit, E-Commerce SEO }, and server-side tracking with GTM. Core Competencies: ✔️ 4+ Years EXPERIENCE in this related fields. ✔️ Delivered 200+ Projects with Successful Ratings. ✔️ Provides Lifetime Service of my completed projects if anyone has any queries or further work ahead. WHY A CLIENT WILL CHOOSE ME ? 📍 Project Clarity: Have the quality to explain the client what action actually he\she needs to take in terms of their issues. Based on the understanding we'll proceed for the Solutions. 📍 Free Advice: I also provide you free advice on improving your website business marketing, 📍 24X7 Availability: I'm available 24X7, 📍 Multi Communication: Can communicate in multiple language. 📍 Delivery: I can deliver my tasks within due time. 📍 Unlimited Revision: My clients can get support for lifetime though the project has been closed. 🧰 MY EXPERTIES AREAS ARE: ✅ Google Ads(Pay Per Click PPC/Search) PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is a form of online advertising in which advertisers accrue costs when users click their ads. It allows advertisers to bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links when someone searches on a keyword that is related to their business offering. ➡️ Google Ads search campaigns management ➡️ Bidding and budgeting ➡️ Keyword management ➡️ Targeting & Excluding location ➡️ Add ad copy , Ad extension ➡️ Competitive analysis ➡️ Retargeting & Optimizing ➡️ Conversion tracking setup and more ✅ Google Display Campaign Management Display network advertising could be a very effective way to bring in traffic at scale and to increase awareness cheaper than the other campaign types. Plan Display Network & Video Ads Campaign: ➡️ Standard Display Campaign, Smart Display Campaign & Gmail Campaign ➡️ Placement Ads Targeting on Website, Mobile Apps & YouTube ➡️ Custom ,Affinity & In-market audience targeting ➡️ Sequence with skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable in-stream ads, bumper ads, or a mix ➡️ Discovery & Carousel Ads Campaign ✅ Google Tag Manager (GTM) Implementation Then Google Tag Manager (GTM) is the best option to track that visitor. By configuring data layer on your website you can create & set up enhanced eCommerce tracking & custom events as your own. GTM also provides: ➡️ Google Ads Purchase value tracking ➡️ Call Conversion Tracking , Remarketing tag ➡️ GTM integration with Google Analytics (GA4) ➡️ GTM Integration Facebook Base Pixel with website ➡️ Other Channel Tracking ( LinkedIn Insight Tag & Ads Conversion, Shopify, Wix, Hotjar & Microsoft Clarity Tracking) ✅ Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Integration Google Analytics is an inevitable part for your e-commerce website. Allow me to set this enhanced e-commerce tracking with your website via GTM for getting Purchase event & dynamic value. ➡️ Link GA4 with Google Ads & others channel ➡️ GA4 Audience can use Google & FB Ads ➡️ GA4 track events, Enhanced ecommerce, conversion & Report ✅ Remarketing Ads Management Remarketing (or retargeting) is a powerful marketing technique aimed at converting high-intent users who have had past interactions with your brand. ➡️ Set Up Your Google Ads Remarketing Campaign ➡️ Target Different User Segments ➡️ Dynamic Remarketing ➡️ Use Google Analytics Remarketing Code ➡️ Cross-Sell Recent Visitors and Customers ✅ Configure & Fix Google Merchant Center(GMC) for Google Shopping Ads Google shopping ads appear at the top of search results when you use search terms that indicate you're shopping for a specific product. Because these product listing ads tend to appear at the top of the search engine listings where searchers are going to be looking the most. ➡️ Setup, Configure GMC for Shopping Ads ➡️ Upload product feed in GMC ➡️ Add Custom label ➡️ custom review, ratings & Promotion ➡️ Fix Suspended account & Misrepresentation Error ✅ Facebook Conversion API (CAPI) & PIXEL Integration The conversions API gives you greater control over the data you track within Facebook. By setting up Facebook Pixel & Conversion API through Google Tag Manager you can Track Standard Events, Custom Events, Offline Events, Rashed Sujon #GTM #SEO #GOOGLEADS #FACEBOOKADS #CONVERSTIONTRACKING #DIGITALMARKETING