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Rohaan Butt

Data Analyst and IT Professional | Passionate in Advanced Data Visualization and Business Strategy Integration

Sydney, Australia
Data Analyst at Wryte AI
Information Technology & Services
Joined November 15, 2023



As you will find on my resume, I have had a variety of experiences with many different roles in the customer experience and service industry, from my time at Dream English PTE to my tenure at Wryte AI. I am looking to make the next step in my career by leveraging my experience in customer relations to enhance training and development strategies. As a prospective employee, I immediately can bring the following qualities to the team: Analytical Thinking: In my previous role at Global Tech Solutions, I was tasked with redesigning our customer feedback system. The project involved extensive market research and analysis of existing feedback mechanisms. I collaborated with the IT and customer service teams to understand the limitations of our current system and potential areas for improvement. My actions led to the development of a more user-friendly and efficient feedback platform, which resulted in a 30% increase in customer feedback and a noticeable improvement in customer satisfaction scores. Effective Communication: During my time at Wryte AI., I spearheaded a project to improve internal communication between the customer service and product development teams. The project's context involved a significant gap in understanding customer needs and product functionalities. I facilitated regular cross-departmental meetings and developed a streamlined communication protocol. This initiative not only improved team collaboration but also led to a 20% reduction in customer complaints related to product issues, demonstrating the impact of clear and effective internal communication.
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Wryte AI
Jul 2023 – Present
Data Analyst
In my role as a Data Analyst Intern at Wryte AI, an innovative Australian AI writing tool company, I played a pivotal role in analyzing and interpreting complex user behavior data from over 1000 data points, contributing significantly to user growth strategies. I successfully led a project to conduct Sentiment Analysis and Net Promoter Score (NPS) evaluations on more than a thousand customer reviews, providing critical insights that influenced strategic improvements in user experience. My technical proficiency in SQL was instrumental in advanced data cleaning, modeling, and transformation tasks, thereby aiding the continuous enhancement of Wryte AI's user-friendly content generation platform. I also took the lead in developing and analyzing a Social Media Marketing Dashboard, which significantly boosted online visibility for Wryte AI's clients. Additionally, my expertise in Tableau enabled me to design and implement sophisticated data visualizations, thereby improving the decision-making processes for growing engineering firms.