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Roman Fröhlich

Graphic Designer

Prague, Czech Republic
Studied Graphic Design at High School of Computer Animation and Multimedia (
Marketing & Advertising
Joined July 25, 2023



Native or Bilingual
I am a creative, reliable, and detail-oriented individual with a passion for graphic design.
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Jan 2022 – Apr 2023
V areálu 1171 252 42 JeseniceV areálu 1171 252 42 Jesenice (Prague)
Graphic/e-commerce specialist
I created graphics for, web advertising, social media, and print materials (advertisements, point-of-sale displays, bottle labels, etc.). I managed and contributed to website development, prepared and maintained newsletters. Additionally, I occasionally worked as a copywriter. I was involved in graphic design for marketing campaigns, and I maintained and ensured the quality of graphical elements in the company's communication.
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Kaufland Czech Republic
Sep 2019 – Nov 2022
Praha 6 Břevnov, Bělohorská 2428/205
Graphic designer/Web content manager
I prepared online content ranging from the company website to external banners, graphics for mobile applications, and internal purposes. I also created animations and video content for digital signage or mobile app guides. Asset database management and website administration were also part of my responsibilities.
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Self Employed Freelancer
Jun 2012 – Dec 2018
Czech Republic
Graphic designer
As a freelancer, I worked on diverse graphic design projects for several years, gaining valuable experience in various areas. My clientele may not have been high-profile, but it allowed me to develop my skills and creativity across different design tasks. During this period, I successfully delivered graphics for web, social media, and print materials. I also took on occasional copywriting responsibilities, demonstrating my versatility. Although working with smaller clients, I consistently maintained a high standard of design quality and strived for excellence in every project.
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High School of Computer Animation and Multimedia (
Sep 2007 – Jun 2011
High School (Czech "maturitní" exam), Graphic Design