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Ruscel Robinson

Experienced Data Entry and Payroll Specialist

I am a Data Entry and Payroll Specialist with 5 years experience in the staffing industry. I am proficient in Microsoft Office Suite applications with a specialty in Microsoft Excel. I have demonstrated expertise in maintaining confidentiality and data integrity within applicant tracking systems and fostering strong vendor relationships. Skilled in utilizing software tools to streamline processes and optimize efficiency. Adept at managing data, ensuring accuracy, and meeting strict deadlines. Organized and efficient, capable of managing multiple tasks simultaneously to deliver exceptional results.
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Nov 2019 – Apr 2024
Staffing Specialist and Payroll/Compliance Coordinator
Optimized onboarding and training protocols for new hires to enhance team readiness and capacity for handling high-volume contracts. Administered applicant tracking system (ATS), ensuring accurate data entry and maintenance of candidate records. Executed bi-weekly payroll operations for over 45 employees, adhering to FLSA standards and resolving discrepancies in timesheets or compensation. Addressed and settled billing and payroll inquiries or conflicts with a focus on customer satisfaction and associate support. Cultivated and sustained vendor partnerships through strategic communication and negotiation, securing necessary resources for client projects. Fulfilled and managed customer orders, guaranteeing completion to the highest standard of satisfaction. ● Improved on-time payment rate to 98%, ensuring timely compensation for all staff. ● Enhanced data integrity within the applicant tracking system by implementing rigorous quality control measures. ● Streamlined payroll processes, reducing errors, and improving overall efficiency. ● Developed a comprehensive query resolution system to swiftly address billing and payroll disputes. ● Forged and maintained strong vendor relationships, resulting in improved service quality and client satisfaction.
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Olive Garden
Oct 2016 – Nov 2019
Manassas, VA, USA
Maintained comprehensive knowledge of menu offerings and current promotions, expertly guiding guests through selections based on dietary preferences and restrictions. Ensured accurate order placement, meticulously capturing special requests, and coordinating with the culinary team to deliver exceptional service and reduce guest dissatisfaction. ● Boosted wine sales by 12% through persuasive recommendations and in-depth knowledge of pairing options. ● Enhanced restaurant operations by proactively restocking supplies and maintaining the readiness of dining and service areas during downtimes.
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Don Pablo's Mexican Kitchen
Apr 2015 – Oct 2016
Manassas, VA, USA
Restaurant Manager
Streamlined restaurant operations to enhance customer service and ensure efficient coverage of dining and kitchen areas. Conducted comprehensive training for staff on food preparation and customer interaction, fostering a cohesive and skilled team environment. Anticipated supply and inventory needs by analyzing trends and previous consumption, effectively managing procurement to meet fluctuating business demands. ● Reduced food waste by 23% through strategic menu planning and inventory control. ● Oversaw daily restaurant functions, ensuring adherence to food safety regulations and high-quality dining experiences.