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safia khan

Islamabad, Pakistan
fashion designing at Venator Cardrona Safaris
Joined May 28, 2024


As a dedicated and innovative fashion designer based in Pakistan, I bring a rich cultural perspective and a passion for creativity to my work. Fluent in Urdu, Pashto, English, and Punjabi, I am adept at communicating across diverse audiences and incorporating a wide range of cultural influences into my designs. My educational background is further enriched by various certifications in fashion illustration, which have honed my skills in visual storytelling and detailed garment sketching. My design philosophy centers around the seamless blend of traditional and contemporary styles, aiming to create unique pieces that resonate with a global audience. Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated my ability to anticipate trends, conceptualize original designs, and execute them with precision and flair. My work reflects a commitment to sustainability and innovation, often exploring eco-friendly materials and ethical production techniques. In addition to my design capabilities, I have also pursued creative writing, contributing to fashion blogs and industry publications. This experience has enhanced my ability to articulate design concepts clearly and compellingly, an essential skill for marketing and brand communication. I am enthusiastic about furthering my education in the UK, where I plan to deepen my expertise and engage with the international fashion scene. I am confident that my multilingual proficiency, coupled with my diverse skill set in fashion design and illustration, positions me as a valuable asset to any forward-thinking fashion house.
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Venator Cardrona Safaris
Dec 2021 – Present
fashion designing
As a creative writer and designer, I blend artistic vision with narrative skill to craft compelling visual and written content. With a background in fashion design and certifications in illustration, I create unique, culturally infused designs. Fluent in Urdu, Pashto, English, and Punjabi, I effectively communicate across diverse audiences. My designs merge traditional and modern styles, emphasizing sustainability and ethical practices. As a writer, I contribute to fashion blogs and publications, articulating design concepts and trends with clarity and creativity.