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Sahuur Osman

Finance Professional with IT Consulting Expertise Seeking Opportunities in IT & Social Media

United States
Studied Business at Virginia Commonwealth University
Financial Services
Joined August 22, 2023



Native or Bilingual
I'm a seasoned professional with a dynamic background in Financial IT Consulting, where I've honed my skills through extensive experience in complex, data-driven projects. My passion for data analysis is the driving force behind my ability to provide valuable insights and innovative solutions that propel organizations forward.
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Booz Allen Hamilton
Jan 2021 – Jul 2023
Financial Business Analyst
In the dynamic realm of Business Financial Analysis, my role is akin to a financial detective, tasked with uncovering the intricate patterns hidden within data. With a keen eye for detail, I gather and analyze financial data, crafting insightful narratives that guide strategic decisions. From budgeting to forecasting, I am the guardian of financial truth, using my expertise to decipher complex financial landscapes. I wield financial models like a crystal ball, projecting future scenarios to anticipate and navigate potential challenges. In the ever-evolving business landscape, I am the compass, assessing financial risks and identifying pathways to success. I collaborate seamlessly across teams, translating the language of finance into actionable insights for decision-makers. With a commitment to compliance and an unwavering focus on efficiency, I continuously seek to enhance processes, ensuring the financial well-being of the organization. I am the storyteller, distilling complex financial information into narratives that enlighten and empower stakeholders. In this role, I don't just crunch numbers; I illuminate the path to prosperity, making finance an engaging and indispensable part of the business journey.
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Virginia Commonwealth University
Aug 2015 – Jun 2020
Finance, Business