$20 per project
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I am Kaitlyn Stone, owner of INKHOUSE Design Studios. INKHOUSE Design is a multi faceted business that utilizes graphic arts, artistic illustration, website building, Adobe cc Photoshop, and the other social media avenues to aid their business clients to communicate clear and captivating messages to their target customers. INKHOUSE Design is also fluent in current social media trends and actively engaged in the social community. We keep ahead of social trends and are familiar with current trends that are unique to different target audiences. INKHOUSE Design is current in technological advances and keeps current on the ever-changing programs offered in the graphic design field. INKHOUSE Design is current with new programs that are used in the job market and required by the advertising, website design, social media, and other digital fields. This studio is small enough to be flexible, but large enough to work for your business!
$20 per project
Seashell Logo by INKHOUSE Design Studios
One in Ten Diabetes Poster by INKHOUSE Design Studios
Rough Draft of a Polish Digital Ad by INKHOUSE Design Studiosing
Mystic Deer created for a Prosthetic Leg by INKHOUSE Design Studios