Lawyer · Legal Advisor · Legal Counsel · Compliance Officer · Contract Manager

Fixed Price: $120
I am a board certified lawyer in Bulgaria with over 3 years of experience both working at a law firm and independently, currently graduating a Master's Program in German Law at Bonn University (Masterstudiengang Deutsches Recht" (LL.M.)). My goal is to constantly expand my knowledge and to apply it practically in a diverse environment. I am constantly striving to further my knowledge and expertise, which combined with my optimism, the constant strive in solving critical questions combined with a quest for high performance will make me a great fit for the services required. Working as a Lawyer I succeed in the different aspects of the profession. Be it negotiating, writing and overseeing the executing of contracts, agreements and other legal documents to ensure the client's full legal rights or advising clients on contract status, legal risks and other legal liabilities associated with different deals, all while keeping up to date with the new developments in legislations both local, European and international. Dealing with a substantial amount of challenges on an everyday basis was part of my profession, helping me to develop excellent organizational and coordination skills. During my time working at a law firm I was independently responsible for over 40 cases which provided me with various opportunities to prove that I am able to perform excellently under pressure and demonstrates that I am adaptable to situational demands as well as able to prioritize tasks and finish them within the set deadline. The managing partners at the law firm gave me the chance to develop first-hand leadership skills by appointing Legal Advisors and interns under my supervision, allowing me to perfect my communication and interpersonal skills and proving me a good team player. Constantly striving to further my knowledge and expertise has always been a high priority for me. I consistently scored among the top 10% of my peer group, be it in my LL.M. or my graduation from a trilingual high school, and I successfully graduated a Master's program "EU Law and Legislation" from Sofia University. My persistence and drive also find reflection in the many courses that I have completed such as "Understanding the GDPR - University of Groningen"; "EU GDPR fundamentals" and "EU GDPR Data Protection Officer Course" with a certification of a Data Protection Officer after the completion of the course. I assure you that I will build up any specialized expertise to face the professional challenges that working for the United BioSource Corporation poses. Currently I am graduating a Master Program in German Law at Bonn University. All subjects are taught in German, allowing me to perfect my German language skills and proving me to be an adaptable individual to any environment ready to take on and handle any challenge. The studies so far have taught me to adapt quickly to new situations, people, and cultures.