$30 per project
I’m a whizz at Adobe InDesign and Acrobat and have a good creative flare which I introduce when designing bids and Presentations. As an innovative presentation builder, I can provide two options for your company PowerPoint The usual linear storyline. The presentation begins at one point, advances through a series of slides and then ends on a concluding point. Or Prezi Style (Using PowerPoint Zoom Function) Prezi begins with one blank canvas instead of a handful of blank slides. This means that presentations made through Prezi are non-linear, which is good for people who like to jump around to different ideas a lot throughout their presentation. The zoom function. Prezi opens up as a large canvas filled with all of your information in a creative and unique way. When you want to speak about a particular topic, you simply zoom in on the part of your canvas that is filled with that information. You can then zoom out and zoom into another part of the canvas. Instead of fumbling around trying to find a particular slide, you can smoothly and easily navigate your presentation. When you zoom in, you can pan around that particular area to show more details.