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$249 per project
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*What is SEO Audit?* SEO Audit is the fastest and most efficient way to reveal showstoppers for Google, Bing, Yahoo, to lead more visitors to your website. There are two types of auditing process: automated and manual. Manual type of SEO Audit covers issues that any kind of software or automated service can't reveal. *Major Benefits You Get* You can make quite an improvement of traffic to your website following recommendations of the SEO Audit report: – Your website appears more often in search results of Google, Bing, Yahoo – Pages of your website become visible on relevant search queries – Snippets (the description of the web page in organic search results) show attractive text related to the running search query *Features of SEO Audit* SEO Audit provides you with the following custom reports and features: – Comprehensive audit report upon completion – Summary and details on in-depth auditing performed manually (up to 10 pages) – Summary and details on automated auditing of all pages (up to 500 pages) – Backlink report – Action plan for implementation And you are welcome to order optional features: – Audit implementation support/training [Optional] – External link acquisition strategy [Optional] – Keyword researches [Optional] – Comparison table of main competitors [Optional] Moreover, you get the core UX Audit (User Experience Audit) Report on Customer Journey provided on video for FREE. On top of that, you get a further common website strategy for FREE.
$249 per project
Organic traffic increased by 326,61%