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Shae Green

Customer service representative

Kingston, Jamaica
Customer service specialist at Alorica
Consumer Services
Joined July 21, 2023


I'm an empathetic person who's skilled at relating to people.In one memorable instance from earlier this year, I was on a call with a customer who was homeless because of a flood in her apartment. She had little to no money at the time and she was devastated, and crying because she needed somewhere to stay for a few nights until the council reach out to her. It became clear that we couldn't meet her needs, but I wanted her to walk away with a favorable impression of the service we had provided. I talked her through some of her other options and even let her know about a reputable shelter that would accommodate her for a few nights because she was on label to pay for two nights with us. She was please with the service I offered even though it wasn’t sufficient but it was helpful so In a survey from that interaction, she specifically mentioned that she would still be recommending our location to others because of the interaction she had encountered.
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Apr 2022 – Present
53 Half Way Tree Road Kingston Jamaica
Customer service specialist