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Shamar Morrison

Web Developer passionate about solving clients needs and helping them get new customers.

Kingston, Jamaica
Front-End Web Developer at EduFocal Jamaica Ltd.
Joined April 9, 2022



Native or Bilingual
Hello, my name is Shamar Morrison. I am a Web Developer with 1 year of development experience using technologies which include React.js, Next.js, Google Firebase, Node.js, Typescript, Bootstrap, Material UI, Chakra UI, Tailwind CSS, and WordPress. I love to design and build engaging user interfaces and web apps. I was a Graphic Designer before I started to learn about the world of web development, since then I have been practicing everyday, building, breaking and then fixing what I broke. I learn by doing and I love to learn and try new technologies. I find making websites and web applications very fun, and I'm always up to try and get better at it. My Portfolio: My GitHub:
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EduFocal Jamaica Ltd.
Oct 2021 – Present
Kingston, Jamaica
Front-End Web Developer
• Built a SDK with Typescript, Zod and Jest to communicate effectively with the internal API. This allowed new team members to become familiar with how to work with the API quicker and also provided a more streamlined development experience when working with the API. • Implemented Typescript into the codebase which increased productivity across the team in terms of making the codebase easier to maintain and scale as new members are onboarded. • Helped to implement a chat feature which allowed students to instant message other students and teachers using Google Firebase, Tyescript and Next.js. • Wrote integration, unit and E2E tests for a majority of the codebase using Cypress and Jest. • Leveraged knowledge in Typescript, React JS and Next.js to fix issues and implement new features.