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Shreshth Kharbanda

Professional, hard-working, young freelancer with reasonable prices

Seattle, United States
Co-Founder at Help LLC
Joined April 29, 2020



Native or Bilingual
Native or Bilingual
Bihari languages
I am a hard worker who is willing to maximize their effort to succeed. Also, I am a team player who loves to collaborate and work with others. I am dedicated to what I do as well as a curious, quick learner. I strive to do the best possible, and I ensure that I reach my goals. Furthermore, I am very punctual about deadlines and make sure that I get my work done within the deadline assigned. Despite being a junior in high school, I have ranked second in Washington state and top 15 in the nation for a mobile development competition through FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) for my android application that was designed for libraries. This application involved a relational database (MySQL) with the server hosted on AWS ensuring the safety and scalability of the data. Additionally, I have served as a co-founder and mobile app developer for Help LLC, where I developed a cross-platform mobile application along with 2 other high schoolers (available on the app store and google play store as "Help - Get Things Done") by using react native and GitHub to collaborate on this project. This mobile application involved NoSQL and SQL databases through Firebase, and I was in charge of incorporating that into a mobile app. I also worked on a project with a team of 4 people, creating a website for a young rapper in our community. We were awarded 1st place in Washington state for the website, and we qualified for nations. For the website, we used a variety of languages and technologies such as Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Additionally, I have worked for projects for various clients as a freelancer for about 2.5 years. Although I am currently not enrolled in a university, I have taken advanced rigor classes such as AP Computer Science (a college-level computer science class equivalent to CSE 142 at University of Washington Seattle), and got a 5/5 on the AP test as well as ending the class with an A for both semesters. I am currently taking Advanced Programming Topics which involves advanced data structures and algorithms (such as trees, sets, and maps). Hence, despite my lack of formal education from a university, I believe I can handle the workload while adding value to the team. Please get in touch if you would like to see my resume, more information about me, or have any further questions.
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Help LLC
Jun 2019 – Present
Helped develop the initial cross-platform mobile application along with the website application with a responsive design. In addition, I am in charge of overlooking business operations and marketing along with the technical side of the business and products.