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Sithum Fernando

SEO Writer

Ranking on search engines is an artform. Much like knowing how to write a sentence, one must be able to understand the various SEO best practices and incorporate them within written words, forming collections of words that will surely reach the eyes of the billions of people searching the internet. I am a writer who has mastered SEO. Not only do articles on my blog rank on the first page of Google, my articles are ranking number 1. For instances, if you search for ‘best juices for athletes’ you will see my article ranking number 1. This just goes to illustrate that I know what I am talking about. Many people have many formulas for what they consider is good SEO. However, a magician never reveals his or her secrets and if you want results, you will have to trust the results I have portrayed and hire me.
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Word to Word to Word
Jun 2010 – Present
Content Writer (SEO)