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Sohaib Amjad

Looking forward to new opportunities where I can showcase my skills and contribute the maximum for my client or company.

Lahore, Pakistan
Freelancer at Guru. at
Studied Information Technology at University of Central Punjab
Joined April 22, 2020



When I started my professional career I always wanted to learn new skills and make myself stand out, I started with web development and made many websites using WordPress, Shopify and WIX. When working on these projects I developed my interest in project management. As a project manager, I worked on multiple projects where I was responsible for overseeing and managing projects from start to finish. This involves planning, organizing, and controlling resources to achieve specific project goals and objectives. The key responsibilities include: Project planning: I was responsible for creating a project plan that outlines the project's goals, objectives, scope, timelines, and budget. Resource management: I was responsible for managing resources, including people, time, and budget, allocated and managed effectively throughout the project. Risk management: I was responsible for identifying potential risks that could impact the project and developing plans to mitigate those risks. Communication: I was responsible for maintaining clear and regular communication with stakeholders, team members, and other project managers to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Monitoring and reporting: I was responsible for monitoring the progress of the project and reporting on its status to stakeholders and senior management. Problem-solving: I was responsible to able to identify and resolving issues that arise during the project quickly and effectively. I have 2+ years of experience working on some tools widely used for project management like JIRA, CLICKUP & TRELLO. I had experience working with some US and UK companies and I believe If I got any opportunity I can prove myself
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Jan 2018 – Present
United States
Freelancer at Guru.
I have been working as a freelancer on the Guru platform. I am offering my services now on Remotehub. Let's Connect
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University of Central Punjab
Jan 2011 – Jan 2016
Bachelors in Computer Science, Information Technology