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Susan Musili

Customer Service Specialist

With a robust background in customer service, sales, and e-commerce, I bring a wealth of expertise cultivated through dynamic roles at Purpink Gifts, Koa Save Africa, and Jumia Kenya. As a Customer Service Representative at Purpink Gifts, I excelled in promptly responding to inquiries, achieving a 95% positive feedback rate, and contributing to a 40% improvement in handling challenging customer situations. My collaboration with cross-functional teams has resulted in a 25% reduction in escalations, and my analytical skills shine through in in-depth customer feedback analysis, providing invaluable insights for strategic decision-making. As a Customer Service Intern at Koa Save Africa, I demonstrated responsiveness, achieved an 85% customer satisfaction rate, and efficiently managed and resolved issues, contributing to a 30% reduction in escalations. In my previous role as a Retail Sales Associate at Jumia Kenya, I executed effective telesales and e-commerce strategies, significantly boosting sales and customer acquisition. I ensured exceptional customer satisfaction through diligent follow-ups and problem-solving, contributing to increased revenue and customer engagement. Consistently surpassing sales targets, I showcased a commitment to excellence and performance, actively contributing to team and operational improvement. My diverse skill set encompasses customer service, sales, problem resolution, strategic analysis, and collaborative teamwork, making me a valuable asset to dynamic and customer-focused environments. In my next opportunity, I would like to utilize and expand my skillset in a Customer Service/ Customer Support role. Please get in touch with me at if you would like to chat 😊
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Purpink Gifts
Apr 2023 – Nov 2023
Nairobi, Kenya
Customer Service Representative
Key Achievements: • Achieved a 95% positive feedback rate by responding promptly to customer inquiries and requests through phone, WhatsApp, live chat, email, and social media. • Demonstrated expert-level proficiency in product knowledge and order management, resulting in a remarkable 98% reduction in order-related issues. • Maintained a rapid resolution rate of 90% while effectively resolving customer concerns across various communication channels, enhancing the overall customer experience. • Maintained an exceptional accuracy rate in payment processing, ensuring secure and precise customer transactions. • Successfully implemented up-selling and cross-selling strategies, leading to a notable 15% increase in revenue and fostering strong customer loyalty. • Displayed deep empathy and an intuitive understanding of customer needs, resulting in a remarkable 20% increase in customer retention. • Collaborated seamlessly with logistics and product development teams, contributing to a 25% reduction in customer escalations. • Conducted in-depth analysis and reporting of customer feedback and trends, providing invaluable insights to guide business decisions and enhance the overall customer experience. • Upheld meticulous standards in maintaining customer records, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information, streamlining interactions, and enhancing service efficiency. • Actively engaged in continuous training and professional development opportunities, leading to a remarkable 40% improvement in handling challenging customer situations.
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Koa Save Africa
Jan 2022 – May 2022
Nairobi, Kenya
Customer Service Intern
I was part of the customer operations team tasked with creating a streamlined customer onboarding process and ensuring that customers were happy and their issues were resolved as soon as possible. Key Achievements • Achieved an impressive 85% customer satisfaction rate by responding with exemplary responsiveness and professionalism to customer inquiries via phone, SMS, email, and email. • Successfully managed and resolved customer issues and complaints with empathy and composure, resulting in a remarkable 30% reduction in escalations. • Facilitated prompt resolution of complex customer concerns, contributing to a 20% faster resolution time within the broader team. • Demonstrated an in-depth understanding of products and services, providing comprehensive information to existing and potential customers, leading to a notable 15% increase in product adoption and customer retention. • Maintained a high first-call resolution rate of 90% while handling inbound calls and emails, enhancing the overall customer experience and reducing follow-ups.• Conducted KYC (Know Your Customer) verification for new customers, ensuring compliance and risk mitigation. • Provided timely feedback to customers regarding service failures or concerns, demonstrating a commitment to improving the customer experience.
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AIESEC in Kenya
Feb 2021 – May 2022
Nairobi, Kenya | Part-time
Partnerships and Operations Manager
As the Partnerships and Operations Manager at AIESEC in Kenya, I played a pivotal role in driving organizational growth and fostering cross-cultural learning experiences for youth in challenging environments across 126 countries. Key Achievements: • Successfully contacted over 250 potential partner companies, showcasing persuasive sales pitching skills and expanding the organization's network. • Orchestrated and led sales meetings, meticulously recording minutes, thereby ensuring clear communication and a structured approach to partnership development. • Demonstrated strong proposal-writing proficiency, securing partnerships through compelling presentations and tailored proposals to potential companies. • Revamped the CRM tracker, optimizing data management processes, resulting in improved organizational efficiency and streamlined partnership tracking. • Efficiently managed engagement spaces, allowing the team to operate seamlessly and maximizing productivity in collaborative efforts.
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Jumia Kenya
May 2019 – Dec 2020
Nairobi, Kenya
Retail Sales Associate
Key Achievements: • Successfully executed effective telesales and e-commerce strategies, significantly increasing sales and customer acquisition. • Ensured exceptional customer satisfaction by meticulously following up with customers, guaranteeing timely and flawless delivery of their orders. • Exhibited exceptional communication and problem-solving skills, resulting in the effective resolution of customer complaints and the maintenance of customer loyalty. • Played a pivotal role in driving sales on the Jumia e-commerce platform by assisting customers in placing orders, contributing to increased revenue and heightened customer engagement. • Consistently exceeded short- and long-term sales targets, showcasing a solid commitment to excellence and outstanding performance. • Proactively contributed innovative ideas and suggestions to enhance overall team performance and operational efficiency, which management received well. • Assisted management in identifying and resolving workflow challenges, streamlining processes, and optimizing productivity throughout the sales department.
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Diploma in Customer Service, Business