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Tebalo Mohale


Pretoria, South Africa
Studied Social Sciences at University of South Africa
Logistics & Supply Chain
Joined November 20, 2023



I have a strong background in event coordination and planning, procurement and supply management, file and database management, office equipment management, and general administrative skills. I have experience in coordinating events, managing supplies and equipment, and organizing information into user-friendly formats. I also managed office equipment, including maintenance, repair, and disposal, and are well-versed in proper record-keeping and can efficiently handle the filing of documents, office storage management, and disposal of supplies and equipment. My experience in logistics has prepared me for the role of managing office equipment, including evaluating and visualizing large functions. I am also well-versed in document management, including electronic and physical filing, and can efficiently handle the filing of documents and well-versed in general administrative functions, including evaluating and visualizing large functions. In addition to my operational experience, I have a strong sense of responsibility, excellent organizational skills, a keen eye for detail, and the ability to work effectively as part of a team. Hard Skills: 1. Technical Proficiency: Advanced MS Office, Google Drive, Excel, and Google Sheets skills. 2. Data Analysis: Proficient in using Google Calendar for creating calendars and strong numerical and financial skills. 3. Project Management: Experience in working under pressure, meeting deadlines, and adapting to new environments. 4. Research Skills: Proficient in CRM software and social media platforms for data management. 5. Financial Management: Strong numerical and financial skills. 6. Language Skills: Fluent in English, Afrikaans, Sotho, and Zulu; meticulous data collection and record-keeping. 7. Communication: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; proficient in Microsoft Office Suite. 8. Marketing and Sales: Developing marketing and sales strategies, crafting sales materials and communication. Soft Skills: 1. Communication: Effective communication with colleagues, clients, and superiors. 2. Problem-Solving: Identifying, analyzing, and solving complex problems. 3. Critical Thinking: Evaluating information, making informed decisions, and thinking logically. 4. Adaptability: Flexible and open to change in dynamic work environments. 5. Time Management: Prioritizing tasks, setting goals, and managing time efficiently. 6. Leadership: Inspiring and guiding teams to achieve common goals. 7. Teamwork: Effective collaboration with others to achieve shared objectives. 8. Emotional Intelligence: Recognizing and managing emotions, both yours and others'. 9. Negotiation: Ability to reach mutually beneficial agreements. 10. Networking: Building and maintaining professional relationships.
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Dsv Global Transports And Logistics
Nov 2017 – Jul 2021
• Coordinated office activities for the Director's Office. • Managed correspondence within the Office. • Provided administrative support, including scheduling and event planning. • Maintained the Director's correspondence/information and record-keeping system. • Performed tasks associated with reception/telephonist service and office support. • Ensured the accessibility of records of discussions, instructions, and correspondence. • Recorded and verified financial transactions. • Built and maintained strong relationships with DSV customers, suppliers, and service providers. • Monitored danger signals from client's vehicles on the system and assisted clients with their queries. • Established efficient workflow processes and managed office inventory activities. • Performed general secretarial duties and data entries.
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Jan 2015 – Aug 2017
Conducted business analysis and market research to identify potential prospects for the sales team. • Formulated marketing and sales approaches to attract new customers. • Compiled weekly reports on facility activities and presented them to the management team. • Recorded demographics of facility visitors and registered new users on a database. • Managed the project manager's diary and assisted project administrators. • Welcomed guests in the waiting area and directed them. • Managed office supplies and monthly petty cash. • Made travel arrangements for the management team and ensured driver's logbook accuracy. • Screened calls and handled various administrative tasks.
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University of South Africa
Feb 2019 – Oct 2022
International Relations , Social Sciences