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The Gyle

Welcome to The Gyle, your unconventional home in the historic heart of London.

London, United Kingdom
Joined June 11, 2024
The Gyle is a boutique hotel with a storied past and a charm that captivates. This unique residence, housed in heritage-listed Victorian townhouses from 1850, stands in the vibrant borough of Camden—where history meets contemporary London life. With only 33 keys, The Gyle offers a personalized experience, blending historic elegance with modern notions. From bespoke English joinery to Victorian cast-iron details, each room tells a story, curated by the imaginary host, Archibald 'Archie' Campbell. Beyond the eclectic rooms, guests can enjoy the quintessential British experience in the TOAST B&B lounge, offering everything from fine single malts to traditional breakfast fare. The Gyle isn't just a hotel; it's an invitation to live fully, embracing the eccentricity and heritage of London at its best.