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The Love and light

Positive, energetic and fast learning young women. 10 plus years of customer service experience, with a reputation for nurturing customers.

Syracuse, United States
Studied Humanities at SUNY Canton
Consumer Services
Joined October 9, 2022



I have worked in the insurance industry for the past 5 years. I have also worked with propane scheduling setups and deliveries. Dispatching technical teams when there were leaks reported and for emergency deliveries. I am a great listener and I catch up very quickly. I am not afraid to ask questions and take the time to find resolve for my customers. I am dedicated to knowing thoroughly what my role is so that I can be great at my job. I am also looking for an opportunity to advance my career.
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Excellus Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Oct 2016 – Feb 2022
Syracuse, NY
Customer Service Level 3
My unit was responsible for responding to inquiries by telephone, email, or chat to provide non-technical problem resolution. Resolving complex or unusual requests and problems that may require a customized response and communicates solutions or requested information to the customer. After analyzing the customers needs and referring them to other service or technical departments for follow up or additional information.
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Suburbane Propane
Oct 2014 – Dec 2017
Syracuse, NY
Customer Service representative/ dispatcher
Working with the dispatch center included scheduling fuel deliveries. Weather on a consistent basis monthly or weekly. We also dispatched emergency deliveries and safety teams when critical situations occurred. As a level 3 customer service tech, I could also reach out to local facilities. In a customer's region, In storm seasons when lines may be down this keeps cut off families from freezing.
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SUNY Canton
Aug 2004 – May 2005
Associates , Humanities