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Thomas Bentley

As a 22-year-old male from Canada, I am an energetic and driven individual with a passion for the customer service industry. I bring a fresh perspective, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to excellence. My work interest lies in the opportunities for personal growth through dynamic interactions and problem-solving. The ability to positively impact individuals' experiences and cultivate strong communication skills makes it both rewarding and enriching., and I am eager to contribute my skills and enthusiasm to a dynamic team. Known for my excellent communication skills and strong problem solving abilities contribute to positive customer experiences. I am committed to a customer-centric approach, prioritizing satisfaction and building lasting relationships by consistently putting the customer's needs first. I am confident in my ability to make a positive impact and thrive in a collaborative work environment.
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Nov 2021 – Sep 2023
Ontario, Canada
Customer Service Representative
As a Customer Service Representative at ReMax, I efficiently managed a high volume of customer inquiries through phone, email, and chat, demonstrating strong communication and problem-solving skills to address and resolve concerns. I provided in-depth product knowledge, ensuring customers had a thorough understanding of features and troubleshooting procedures. I maintained accurate and organized records of customer interactions in the CRM system and collaborated with cross-functional teams to escalate and resolve complex issues, contributing to a seamless customer experience. Recognized for consistently meeting and exceeding performance metrics, including response time, customer satisfaction, and first-call resolution.