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Timilehin Oyelakin

Cybersecurity content writer, Customer Support Representative

Computer & Network Security
Joined July 26, 2023



Valentina Oyelakin is an Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate with a strong focus on cybersecurity. She is a certified ISC2 Cybersecurity professional and a CompTIA Cloud+ specialist. Valentina is also a technical writer and runs the popular blog, simplifying complex cybersecurity concepts for a broad audience. She volunteers at, guiding aspiring cybersecurity professionals. Valentina's talent and passion make her an excellent cybersecurity candidate. Outside of work, she enjoys football discussions, playing chess, and video games.
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Cybersafe Foundation
Jan 2022 – Dec 2022
Cybersecurity Content Writer
Collaborated with a team as part of the Shine Your Eye initiative, overseen by the CyberSafe Foundation, to develop the Sabi Toolkit. • Contributed to the creation of the toolkit, which included insights, tips, and educational resources to promote good cyber hygiene and raise awareness of common cyber threats, aimed to empower senior citizens, particularly those over 50. • Worked with team members to develop content on topics such as two-factor authentication, phone loss prevention, bank account protection, and recognizing investment fraud. • Continually supported the CyberSafe Foundation's mission to promote inclusive and safe digital access across Africa, particularly for vulnerable individuals in society. • Created stories that got converted to scripts and acted out to further create cybersecurity awareness