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Travers Gbeintor

Hello, my name is Travers Gbeintor I am a small business owner who has great communication and customer service skills.

Trenton, United States
Management Consulting
Joined May 25, 2024


Hello my name is Travers I am a management consultation and aslo own a small business thats growing rapidly. I have a vast amount of skills from working in different industries, but those that stand out the most are my customer service and communication. I have great patience and working for my self also gives me great problem solving skills. Working for myself makes me very self sufficient but also understanding enough to pull things together for the greater cause of the team.
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atlantic records
Mar 2023 – Dec 2023
paramount plaza, 1633 Broadway, NY 10019
A&R/ marketing consultant
I am in charge of making sure artist are progressing and are staying on top of their commitments and guidelines in their contract that help the do just that. also consulting with artist and team on what type of content and collaborations that will help their careers grow as well while growing within the company.