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Kigali, Rwanda
Information Technology & Services
Joined December 4, 2023
I have extensive capacity both physical and mentally. I have strong technical skills and communication skills both help for deliver well technical assistance as it is. I am highly motivated to work with you. I am a self-motivated, enthusiastic, punctual, energetic, honest and reliable individual with the ability to work productively in a team, as well as independently. I am confident in dealing with members of the public and private. I possess good communications skills and have a very lively, outgoing personality. I am also a very hardworking and fast learner with the capability to follow orders and complete any given tasks to the highest quality. I am a team player with the ability to motivate both others and me. I am very enthusiastic in all that I do and possess the mentality of a winner, which allows me to thrive under pressure. I am currently looking for a position with your company. I have a skill in IT, Data analysis, AWS cloud computing, virtual assistant, service excellence, ITIL4, IT essential, Data science with python, system administration, network administration, virtual assistant, leading a team to optimize results and IT operations. graduated in a bachelor’s degree with honors in IT, we used both English and French as a result of the knowledge and skills gained through my studies and other experiences. I will be more than adequately able to fulfill my responsibility.