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Umar Ayaz

SEO|Digital Marketing Profressional

Karachi, Pakistan
SEO Consultant at Teknovation
Trainee Engineer Sales and Service at Speedy Automation
Studied Automotive Engineering at NED University of Engineering and Technology
Joined April 6, 2023



Native or Bilingual
Experienced SEO specialist with a deep understanding of algorithms and strategies for improving website rankings, increasing online visibility, and driving traffic. Skilled in keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, content creation, and technical optimization. Committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in SEO. Strong focus on communication, collaboration, and delivering high-quality, results-driven solutions.
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Mar 2023 – Present
SEO Consultant
1) Conducted comprehensive SEO keyword research and competitor analysis, providing valuable insights into the best keyword strategies for the website, optimizing blog content for maximum visibility and engagement. Utilized advanced SEO tools to check website traffic for impressions, search volume, and clicks, identifying trends and opportunities for growth and improvement. 2) Provided clear guidelines and recommendations for on-page and technical on-page optimization of the website, improving website ranking and visibility in search engine results. 3) Developed a successful off-page backlink strategy, increasing search traffic flow to the website and driving business growth. 4) Demonstrated excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, identifying issues and opportunities for improvement, and developing effective solutions to maximize website performance. 5) Communicated effectively with team members and clients, building strong relationships and ensuring alignment on project goals and objectives. 6) Maintained up-to-date knowledge of the latest SEO trends and best practices, implementing innovative solutions to optimize website performance and deliver tangible business results. 7) Contributed to the success of the website's SEO strategy, driving increased traffic and revenue and improving overall business performance.
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Speedy Automation
Jun 2022 – Present
116 A Ghulam Ali Memon Road Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society Block A, Karachi Pakistan
Trainee Engineer Sales and Service
1) Conducted on-site project supervision for Syngenta Pakistan on behalf of Speedy Automation, ensuring timely completion of project milestones. 2) Produced detailed ECAD drawings to ensure accurate project schematics and documentation, minimizing the risk of errors and delays. 3) Developed material costing lists, enabling the project team to efficiently manage resources and stay within budget constraints. 4) Created a Gantt chart to track project progress and provide regular updates to stakeholders, facilitating timely decision-making and problem-solving. 5) Coordinated with client-side teams to obtain project support materials and resolved any project-related issues, building strong relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction. 6) Assisted with instrument installation and electrical termination work, including powering up production machines, site area lighting, and PLC termination, improving project efficiency and reducing downtime. 7) Provided technical support for instrument termination and troubleshooting, ensuring all project components were functioning optimally and meeting performance specifications. 8) Created and implemented comprehensive QC checklists to ensure all project materials were free from defects, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring high-quality project outcomes. 9) Maintained accurate weekly attendance records for project team members, ensuring timely reporting and efficient resource management.
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Hino pak Motors Limited
May 2018 – Jul 2018
SITE Area Karachi
Intern Quality Control
1) Developed an Excel tool to track and analyze paint defects during the coating process, identifying areas for improvement and reducing rework and wastage. 2) Produced an updated Bill of Materials (BOM) for the latest truck models, ensuring that all components and parts were accurately listed and accounted for, minimizing errors and delays in production. 3) Conducted regular calculations of paint concentration levels to ensure optimal performance and quality standards, maintaining consistency and efficiency in the coating process. 4) Demonstrated excellent attention to detail and analytical skills, spotting and resolving issues proactively to prevent further defects and delays. 5) Utilized advanced Excel functions and techniques to create and automate reporting and analysis, improving data accuracy and availability and saving time and effort for the team. 6) Maintained effective communication with cross-functional teams to ensure alignment and collaboration in achieving production and quality goals. 7) Contributed to continuous improvement efforts, providing insights and recommendations for process enhancements and cost savings
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NED University of Engineering and Technology
Jan 2015 – Oct 2019
Bachelors of Engineering(BE), Automotive Engineering