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Unicorp Space Corporation

Introducing new aerospace startup Unicorp Space — and a New Era of New Internet protocol LazyPi for Infrastructure in Space

London, United Kingdom
Aviation & Aerospace
Joined May 28, 2022
Our goal is simple: to reshape how the space industry works by redefining how mankind uses space — starting with how we communicate with fast new internet protocol from earth,moon and Mars and how to get there. By offering technology in the new universe internet (Uninet) will give us free access for high speed terabyte from the space nodes .Open opportunity for the space miner to have their space nodes and creating ecosystem of new internet from their space nodes activity or we call netting.Apart it will more accessible and more frequent launches, Unicorp is poised to enable a wave of innovation in low Earth orbit, profound new ideas and technologies that will improve life on our planet through greater connectivity and more regular observation.