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Victor Garrido

Front Desk Agent/Concierge

Phoenix, United States
Front Desk Agent/Concierge at Omni Hotels and Resort and Spa
Travel Advisor at Fora Travel
Studied at Paradise Valley High School
Joined July 26, 2023



Strong and directly focused individual who has delivered high interest in producing valuable resources. Professional manner and expressive with working independently alongside with co-workers. With over 10 years of working in customer facing roles, including retail, medical and hospitality.
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Omni Hotels and Resort and Spa
Apr 2023 – Present
Paradise Valley
Front Desk Agent/Concierge
1. Provided a warm and welcoming greeting to guests and consistently delivered high-quality hospitality service throughout the main check-in process. 2. Collaborated with staff members from various departments, including the executive office, to share property highlights and inform guests about hotel events, enhancing their overall experience. 3. Demonstrated adaptability in promptly addressing guest requests and concerns, actively communicating with other departments to ensure swift resolution and improve future stays, thereby fostering guest loyalty. 4. Send out daily emails to guests about guest reservations, changes or upgrades available for the guest before the guest arrival date. 5. Took full ownership of any issues brought to attention, using them as an opportunity to rectify and improve the guest experience going forward. 6. Managed to sell rooms in proper manners, and would balance room inventory as needed. 7. Read messages from guests about their future arrivals, set personalized amenities for their stay.
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Fora Travel
Jan 2021 – Present
Travel Advisor
1. Coordinated with clients by email and phone with their travel destinations plans and assist with travel arrangements in a proper timely manner across different time zones. 2. Communicated with the sales department of hotels across multiple locations to set up venue plans, guest list and other itineraries. 3. Scheduled proper meetings and set reminders to clients reminding them about specials, events would send out a proper template of schedule of events taking place in a certain place or landmark to best take advantage of the place or event. 4. Shared travel knowledge with clients in reference to business development and shared best practices and sent out referrals. 5. Used online platforms to promote to potential new clients and other networking opportunities.
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Sep 2021 – Dec 2022
Registration/Scheduler Specialist Assistant
1. Assisted with a high volume medical office check-in process including verifying insurance and demographic information. 2. Took proper care in understanding patients requests such as requesting medical clearance and would schedule appointments under doctors direct order. 3. Attentively communicated with patients in a high volume setting by email and phone for patients requests to see doctor/nurse practitioner orders. 4. Coordinated/communicated with medical assistance staff members to ensure patients with get proper work orders and important information that is needed for the patient to follow by their next visit. 5. Verified and called insurance companies to ensure each patient's copays were properly applied to their visit.
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Faces Orthodontics
Aug 2020 – Aug 2021
Business Assistant Manager
1. Educated new patients about various dental treatments, providing clear explanations of the procedures and highlighting the benefits of each treatment option. 2. Assisted with scheduling employee candidates for future employment opportunities. 3. Coordinated with other dental offices to schedule meetings and conferences for doctors, facilitating knowledge sharing and promoting networking events within the dental field. Developed personal business relationships with trusted providers. 4. Took charge of patient collections, managing payment and insurance processes. Followed up with patients who had multiple insurance policies or faced other limitations to ensure smooth financial transactions. 5. Promoted a patient-oriented work culture by advertising office promotions and patient incentives, aiming to boost office revenue and enhance patient satisfaction. 6. Helped providing social media posts and blogs for office websites, collaborated with other external marketers.
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Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall
Dec 2019 – Mar 2020
1. Provided exceptional service to guests, ensuring a high level of value and an exceptional luxury experience while attending to their needs in appropriate luxury stores. 2. Collaborated with staff members to ensure adequate coverage, taking proactive measures to address any staff shortages or scheduling conflicts. 3. Adapted to the needs of different properties and assumed a frontline role in resolving guest issues, utilizing past experiences to offer effective solutions. 4. Engaged with guests through online chat platforms, promptly addressing frequently asked questions and catering to specific guest requests. 5. Implemented best property policies to minimize downtime and maximize convenience, thereby enhancing the luxury guest experience.
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Aug 2016 – Dec 2019
Guest Advocate
1. Supervised front lanes staff, coordinating break and lunch schedules and providing coverage during peak periods. Also managed sudden staff changes to ensure smooth operations. 2. Assisted with guests ringing items offering additional personal item add-ons and returns. 3. Adaptable to understand sales potential with electronics such as buying accessories or products that would increase sales on a transaction. 4. Demonstrated companies loyalty program/credit card sign ups to guests to build revenue for the company. 5. Made nightly audits each nights for all registers and would prepare for the following day with supplies and sales advertisements.
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Expert Global Solutions (EGS), Inc
Jul 2013 – May 2016
Sales/Customer Service Agent
1. Took daily inbound/outbound sales calls to identify sales opportunities for customers over the phone and via online chat. 2. Worked in high call volume call center, back to back calls, sold different types of products including services/phone plans and protection plans. 3. Stayed consistent with KPI quotas on a monthly base. Meet with direct leader to advocate for best practices. 4. Would server as a floorwalker on a monthly base to help team members across the team with their own questions or issues and offer them alternative options to help them in their space. 5. Documented call notes during call to ensure minimal time gap, would preach to get more done in certain period of time. 6. Followed up with customers that needed more support on additional days, write emails and follow ups to ensure goal was accomplished.
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Paradise Valley High School
Aug 2011 – May 2015
High School Diploma