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Volodymyr O

Computer Graphics Programmer

C++ Render/Engine Developer at Dragons Lake Entertainment
Studied Computer Science at Lviv Polytechnic National University
Studied Software engineering at Berdychiv College of Industry, Economics and Law
Computer Games
Joined December 20, 2022



For me it is too boring to live the same way as other people do, so I always try to achieve my goals faster, for example, I used to skip lessons in college just to study quicker on my own, last few years of pandemic I was waking up when these lessons were already finished, if it was something new for me (in most cases it wasn't), to view record on x2 and to do hw right after that without spending time to remember dicussed topics as other people do, so, as always, I managed to project tragedy consequences on my needs and to save time on it, so I finished it, in fact, earlier than my mates, but most of the time I`ve been learning other uncovered thigs I'm interested in including CG. I've chosen CG because I used to play games a lot and I was curious how does it work, so my interest brought me to Blender and then I took rendering up as my main field of expertise. Lots of paper from other brainy guys were read since my first Blender donut and now my head no longer blow up from it, because, if you show me shot from any game, I can explain how pretty every pixel was rendered, but it only means that I should go further and try harder things from which my brain still blows out, like some new ones scene reconstruction models, frame autotexturing, stable diffusion and others.
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Dragons Lake Entertainment
Jan 2022 – Present
C++ Render/Engine Developer
Analyzed GPU throughput impacts from using different rendering techniques. Worked on graphics/engine related features.
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Dragons Lake Entertainment
Jul 2021 – Jan 2022
Intern Render Developer
Used to work on such rendering engine features as participatin media rendering, particle system and others.
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Lviv Polytechnic National University
Sep 2022 – Dec 2022
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
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Berdychiv College of Industry, Economics and Law
Sep 2018 – Jun 2022
Associate of Science, Software engineering