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2 volunteer projects
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Women Business Skills Trainer
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Business & Consulting Volunteer Project
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YAAPHA welcomes women business skills trainers to come and help them on their micro entrepreneur projects. We lack funds to employ staff, in this area and tend to rely on volunteer support. As a women business skills trainer you will be working to train the local women on how to manage their businesses. You will teach them business skills and strategies basic accounting techniques and help them create and develop businesses that are applicable to the environment in which they live. The women business skills trainer may also be asked to help with administration work. A volunteer with business knowledge would be very useful at this placement. This could be someone currently in business school or a graduate. The Volunteer’s Tasks Are: Business Management Training A women business skills trainer may be required to provide training to women groups. Most of the women group members don't have skills on how to manage businesses. The volunteer, together with the local staff, will engage on training the groups the basic ways of managing their businesses. Assist on Creating Businesses Since most of the women group members don't have the skills to develop their own business, a women business skills trainer may be required to help the women groups on developing and creating their own micro businesses. Basic Accounting A women business skills trainer may be required to provide training on basic accounting, as many of the women don't have accounting knowledge. The volunteer would be expected to give them basic training on accounting skills so that they could manage to run their micro businesses. Business Assessment A women business skills trainer may be required to work on assessing the running businesses; to ensure that each member of the group is running the business well. If there are challenges the volunteer would be expected to outline them and provide solutions to the troubled areas.
Operations and Programs Volunteers
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Customer Support Volunteer Project
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The Midwest Writing Center is always looking for volunteers to help staff the center, help with memberships and marketing, event support, and help with special projects. How you help is totally up to you. We are flexible with our schedule and happy to accommodate. Volunteering is a great way to get involved, become a part of the Center and our literary community, and network with other writers and authors. You can volunteer on a regular schedule, periodically, occasionally, sporadically, or for a season. If you are a student, being a volunteer is a great resume builder! If you are interested in volunteering as an intern, we are happy to work with your school to help you get credit, reimbursed, or realize other benefits for which you’re eligible through your institution. Please contact us for more information about how you can get involved: Midwest Writing Center Ryan Collins, Executive Director c/o RIPL 401 19th St. Rock Island, IL 61201 (309) 732-7330 mwc@midwestwritingcenter.org www.mwcqc.org
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