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Wilson Khauv

Results-Driven Leader | Expert in Team Productivity, Customer Experience, and Operational Efficiency

San Gabriel, United States
Senior Procurement Agent at
Joined May 27, 2024


Experienced procurement specialist skilled in inventory management, vendor relations, and project leadership. Proficient in negotiation, contract management, and RFP preparation. Strong communicator with a focus on driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Expertise in product design, financial analysis, and strategic decision-making. Dedicated to innovation and delivering results across the product lifecycle.
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Feb 2019 – Present
Alhambra, CA
Senior Procurement Agent
➢ Procurement and Inventory Management: - Took charge of inventory procurement and managed out-of-stock products, orchestrating a diverse range of 12,000+ items. Demonstrating exceptional organizational and project management skills using SAP system. ➢ Vendor Management: - Leading a list of 130+ vendors, actively fostering and maintaining robust relationships to secure reliable and timely procurement of goods and services. ➢ Communication and Issue Resolution: - Orchestrated daily communication via 100+ emails to rectify discrepancies and highlighting excellent multitasking and communication abilities ➢ Leadership and Decision-Making: - Took proactive measures to follow up on projects and made executive decisions, showcasing strong leadership and decision-making skills in overseeing project progress ➢ Product Design and Development: - Lead product design and research/development in weekly RND meetings for the Airsoft industry, leading cross-functional teams and managing project timelines ➢ Client Engagement: - Actively engaged in daily business-to-client communications, ensuring satisfaction through clear and timely communication practices. ➢ Data Entry and Project Management: - Proficiently managed office suite data entry and tools to maintain accurate records and track project progress while utilizing ERP systems. ➢ Financial Analysis and Strategic Decision-Making: - Conducted daily financial analysis of company budget and inventory levels ➢ Relationship Cultivation and Management: - Took responsibility for cultivating and managing relationships between the company and vendors/clients while facilitating effective communication. ➢ Negotiations in Contract / Terms and Conditions: - Skillfully negotiated contract terms and conditions ➢ RFP (Request for Proposal): - Led preparation and submission of RFPs, proposing tailored solutions to meet client needs. ➢ Oversaw Life Cycle of Products: - Managed entire product life cycle, from conception to market launch
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Nov 2011 – Feb 2019
Alhambra, CA
Customer Service Team Lead
➢ Team Leadership and Productivity Improvement: - Led a team to significantly boost productivity, achieving a higher volume of calls and emails through strategic guidance and motivation. ➢ Efficiency Enhancement through Procedure Implementation: - Spearheaded the implementation of new procedures to enhance team efficiency, resulting in streamlined workflows and improved performance. ➢ Customer Guidance and Support: - Provided friendly and professional guidance to customers through daily phone calls and emails, ensuring optimal satisfaction and retention. ➢ Transaction Processing and Communication: - Managed the processing of recurring and daily electronic transactions, while effectively tracking and communicating wire transfers for both retail and wholesale customers. ➢ Task Closure and Timely Completion: - Demonstrated a consistent ability to close all cases and resolutions promptly, ensuring all tasks were completed by the end of each day, showcasing commitment to efficiency and thoroughness.