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Xavier Johnson

Senior Full Stack Developer

United States
Full Stack Developer at Freelancer
Studied computer science at Arizona State University
Information Technology & Services
Joined November 13, 2023



Native or Bilingual
Over the past 8 years, I've gained experience in building successful products from the ground up. As a senior web/mobile developer with team leadership experience, I've worked with both startup and enterprise clients to develop reliable, cohesive, and well-accepted solutions by users. Aside from my professional pursuits, I am passionate about technology, stocks and finance, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. My Experience: - Web and mobile development using React, React Native, Angular, Ionic, Node.js, PHP, Laravel, and Ruby on Rails. - Utilized reusable components with UI frameworks such as Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Semantic UI, and Material UI. - Experience with RESTful APIs, JSON data structures, and API integration. - Experience with various databases including DynamoDB, MySQL, GraphQL, Redis, MongoDB, and Firebase. - Proficient in designing architecture on Amazon AWS including Lambda, EC2, S3, SES, Cloudfront, Route53, and other AWS services. - Experienced in blockchain development, specifically Ethereum, Web3.js, Solidity, and NFT Marketplace development. My goal is to maintain strong relationships with all my clients.
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May 2020 – Present
Full Stack Developer
As a full time freelancer, I have been working with React, Angular, Vue, Node, Express, PHP, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, React Native, Ionic, Web3, Smart contract integration, NFTs, and some other Blockchain skills.
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Mar 2021 – May 2023
Senior Full-Stack Developer
– Developed a health monitoring server/app in Ruby on Rails and React to keep track of the application's health. – Built the foundations of a web components library to integrate into client's web applications. – Redesigned the database and the API for consistency, readability, performance, and future expansion. – Developed a universal search feature for a customer-facing analytics application that allowed all of the application's data entities to be searched instantly within a single interface. – Developed, deployed, and evaluated a hybrid recommendation engine in Laravel for an online store. Skills: React, Next.js, Vue, React Native/Expo, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Docker, CI/CD
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May 2019 – Feb 2021
Full-stack & Blockchain Developer
– Kept up-to-date with the latest developments in blockchain security and regulatory compliance. – Investigated and responded to security incidents and breaches involving blockchain assets. – Audited 100s of smart contracts written in languages such as Solidity and Rust. – Developed frontend using React.js integrated Restful APIs. – Continuously improved application performance and user experience by implementing new features and optimizing existing code. – Proficient in version control systems like Git and project management tools like Jira, Trello, and Asana. Skills: Ethereum, Web3.js, Metamask, Solidity, Node.js, React.js, Git
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Jun 2017 – Apr 2019
Lead Web Developer
– Oversaw full lifecycle of software development for 5 projects with 100% on time delivery while staying 5% under budget. – Designed processes for cleanup and performance improvement that minimized downtime by 9%. – Assisted the design team by delivering pixel-perfect implementation of websites for over +7 projects. – Solved problems in a highly technical platform that empowers hundreds of thousands of people. – Refactored existing components and code paths into clearer, standardized, documented, and testable API-driven boundaries often resulting in 100%+ faster page load speeds. – Built and maintain unit and integration tests with Jest and Cypress. Skills: React, Redux, Angular, Typescript, Node, PHP, Laravel
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Arizona State University
Sep 2013 – Sep 2017
bachelor of computer science, computer science