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Yaakov Pinsky

Jerusalem, Israel
Joined June 29, 2020
WRITE IT RIGHT “LET’S GET IT WRITE/RIGHT THE FIRST TIME ‘ROUND!” I am an accomplished Copywriter, Content, Marketing, and Creative writer with 30 years of experience and proficiency. I have experience in the following; Non-profit websites Donor communications Teaching manuals Speechwriter Grant proposals Business plans Marketing both in business and social media. During my tenure as the CEO of an organization for children with cancer, the myriad experiences and responsibilities lead me to become a passionate and multi-faceted writer Over the years I utilized my writing skills to raise millions of charity dollars -An email campaign I wrote raised over $150,000. -I prepared advertising posts on Facebook for a Holiday “Wish List” program, where the cancer children could make a wish for a holiday present, which brought in $175,000. The benefits I bring to your company or organization are my precise focus, attention to detail and an intense connection to every project I accept. I contemplate what message you want to deliver, your tone, and the feeling that you wish to convey. I delve deeply into understanding you, your customers and your marketing goals, so that every writing assignment is a true win for your company. Feel free to contact Mr. Howard Karsh, a noted author, newspaper columnist, and writer as a reference. His email is I am a team player; I enjoy working with people, collaborating, and building relationships. I don't write for you; I write with you. I make your visions a reality. Innovation, that’s my “Ace in the Hole”. I thrive on the new, I learn from the old, and I discover and develop your dreams. Once I get to know you, it's simple. Once you get to know me it's profitable. Looking forward to working with you, partnering together to create the best-written materials for your company. Yaakov Pinsky "The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug." Mark Twain