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zeenat Abioye

I am a young lady full of aspirations, and one of them is being a helper. i am always willing to learn and improve myself

Novi Sad, Serbia
Joined November 22, 2023
I am very keen on that every company should have a good relationship with its client. Every customer should be able to be able to be satisfied with whatever service they need. That’s why i am into customer service, it’s not a job a lot of people would like to pick up but i’ve made it my mission to make people happy and satisfied and have their issues fixed. Customers are always right and what tests every business organisation is their customer service. A business can’t survive long if they treat their clients or customers poorly. I love honesty, as i believe being honest is the bare minimum and should always be done. I love empathy, i am quite an empathetic person, which is probably why i love customer service, being able to help people with their needs always makes me feel better and feel accomplished at the end of the day I am a great listener, being able to listen without disrupting the person talking is a great thing and makes the person who is talking feel very connected and comfortable with you. it’s a skill that has to be learnt tho and to be able to return and communicate with the client is great. I have worked in a few places where i’ve had to communicate with clients, so i’m very confident in my skills to be able to create a strong bond between the company and the client