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Zeeshan Adil

.NET Core | Microservices | Unit Test | Azure | Angular | Docker

Lahore, Pakistan
Studied Information Technology at University of Education, Township Lahore
Joined May 14, 2020



Native or Bilingual
I'm a FULL-TIME (8+ hours a day) Upworker having 4+ years of solid experience with Microsoft Certification in ASP.NET MVC who has worked for a fortune 500 client & Product being used by YAHOO, also worked for the biggest Software Company of Pakistan with 100% positive reviews. My tech stack: ✔ Web Stack: .NET/.NET CORE, Web API, WCF, C#, EF 5/6, UI/UX, Angular, JS, JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5/CSS3, Signal R Core, ADO.NET/ADO.NET CORE ✔ Data Stack: REDIS, SQL Server, My SQL, Elastic Search, Kibana, ✔ Software Engineering Tools: JIRA, VS Team Services, Github, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps ✔ DevOps: Microsoft Azure, AWS, Docker | Jenkins CI/CD During the past 4+ years I've worked with: ✔ Fortune 500 client on their Subsidiary named VAVA Cars which deals in sale/purchase/auction of used vehicles on large scale ✔ Did code refactoring and Wrote Advanced Unit Tests for Legacy Applications which is being used by Yahoo, Juniper and NetApp. ✔ United States' largest CU organization and its partner businesses on reward-based CU applications ✔ UAE Government on a Humanitarian Project named IHC (exhibited in Gitex '18) ✔ Contributed to the development of a custom CMS written in C# .NET that helps small businesses create web pages on simple drag-drop while providing data analytics and integrations with third-party service providers. My past experiences have helped me develop a good understanding of: - Database Design (SQL, MySQL) - Secure Claim/Role-Based Authentication with JWT - Software Design Principles (KISS, DRY, YAGNI, SR, IOC) - Software Design Patterns (Singleton, Facade, Adapter, Builder, Bridge, etc) - Architectural Patterns (Microservices, Layered, Tiers, MVC, MVVM) - TDD Unit testing with X-Unit and MOQ - Real-time Data Pushes with SignalR Core - Swagger for API documentation - Middlewares for code maintainability in API development - Front-End (UI/UX, SAAS, Flexbox, Responsiveness, Media Queries) - Performance Improvements (SQL + Code) - Git for source control - Agile and Scrum for Software Development with tools like JIRA and Azure DevOps I'm a strong believer in giving back to the community which has lead me to speak at 250+ technical sessions, Top 3% last quarter @ StackOverflow with 2.4M reach (2019) and 100k+ Answer views @ Quora. I also know about: Tech Stack: React, Spring Languages: C, C++, Python, Java Frameworks: Python Flask, UI Kit
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Systems Limited
Feb 2019 – Feb 2020
Software Engineer
Systems Ltd is Pakistan's first IT Company and biggest IT company of Pakistan by headcount. while working at Systems I did the following. -Wrote 5 core modules following Micro Services Architecture and Middleware based approach to handle HTTP request life cycle. -Wrote an efficient tokenization System using JWT and custom Middleware that may involve up to 60+ Claims per User Role using Microsoft's policy-based mechanism. -Wrote a notification Engine that integrates with Azure Signal R over the API to for the real-time updates, SMS and Email for offline updates in a web server farm intelligently with scalability. -Implemented Complete Docusign flow with OAuth Integrator/Client Keys for the impersonation of DocuSign users given consent to the Application using JWT Authentication -Improved site Http Connection management with connection pooling -Worked on site performance improvements while bringing the 13 second API calls down to 1 second.
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VAIVAL Technologies
Apr 2018 – Jan 2019
Lahore Pakistan
Software Engineer
Worked on 3 large scale applications including a complete CMS that lets you collect leads and customer contacts from landing pages, pop-up forms, social media, text messaging, and email. Its simple interface and built-in optimization tools are ready to make next campaign the easiest and most successful with minimal effort. while working at VAIVAL I did the following: -Wrote a library from scratch that let’s you keep track of everything happening in DOM to add a new feature which was the first of it’s kind to work in the architecture being followed. -Wrote 500+ lines of Dynamic SQL, Views and Stored Procedures -Wrote the complete architecture of a mid-scale application while following N-Tier Architecture, REST Architecture Styled Web API, Repository Pattern and best Coding Practices.
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VIRE Technologies
Jun 2017 – Apr 2018
Lahore, Pakistan
Software Engineer
Worked on 5 large scale Applications of United States’ largest credit union service organization which communicates with other partner CU businesses and keep a track of users from different CUs to diversify the experience of shopping. while Working at VIRE: • Other than ASP.NET/EF6/Js/SQL worked on Elastic Search, a Search Engine based on Lucene to provides real-time retrieval of data and improved the site search by 20%. • Contributed to re-write of an existing classic Web Application using ASP.NET MVC, Web API and EF6 (DDD) and Increased the efficiency of Search from 70% to 99% • Leveraged Clean Coding Techniques, Architectural Patterns, Agile Techniques and Pair-Programming.
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University of Education, Township Lahore
Oct 2013 – Jun 2017
Bachelors in Information Technology (4 years), Information Technology