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Chrisma Data Analysts Organization

Forecasting the future by facilitating analytical skills and programming skills.

Nairobi, Kenya
51-200 employees
Founded: 2020
Joined August 28, 2022


Chrisma Data Analysts Organization was founded on 15th February 2020. The organization has facilitators who are too equipped with skills and knowledge on how to analyze data and visualize using statistical software. It has been running with a good number of junior statisticians/ data analysts from various countries who have been trainees and mentored by the seniors from various fields of data science and analysis. Chrisma Data Analysts Organization offers services including; Mining Data, Cleaning Data, Exploring Data, Analyzing Data, and Visualizing Data using best statistical software like R, SPSS, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Excel, and python. Databases Management and Administration using SQL and Advanced Microsoft Excel skills. Designing and training one on how to design using Advanced Microsoft packages. Forecasting the data or stock prices using analytical skills Facilitating skills of coding and programming using Python, C, C++, HTML. Facilitating skills of Analyzing data and visualizing data using best statistical software. Facilitating IC3 courses and advanced courses on Microsoft packages. We offer our services either online or physically at affordable prices. "Together we forecast the future"