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FindKeepLove Inc.

FindKeepLove is not a dating site. We create a different match; one between consumers and ecommerce brands.

United States
Marketing & Advertising
Joined April 26, 2022


Looking to join a Rocketship start-up on an exponential growth trajectory?Join us as we redefine direct-to-consumer advertising and set out to build the largest interactive advertising platform in the world. FindKeepLove is not a dating site. We create a different kind of match. Specifically, we create the magic spark when consumers find new brands to love. FindKeepLove is an interactive advertising platform where consumer brands can: - Acquire new customers - Grow their email and SMS lists exponentially - Reduce dependency on 3rd party advertising platforms - Re-engage dormant audiences Through high ROI consumer advertising at scale, we help brands grow their audiences with direct introductions to new consumers. We are a team of fast, sharp, high-performing executors, and we are looking for like-minded individuals who love to build products and get things done.

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