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$2,510 - $4,180 Per Month
Full Time
Makati City, Philippines
1 year ago
Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the company's internal system related product design, including research on competing products and customer needs, business logic sorting, product function design, etc.; 2. Responsible for product problem handling, through business feature extraction, use prototype tools to build business products and internal products, and improve business results and operational efficiency through products; 3. Promote product research and development, the whole process of design, research and development, testing, and online project management, and coordinate internal and external resources to complete product goals; 4. In-depth exploration of the demands of product users and operators, combined with data analysis to continuously promote product iterative optimization, expand service capabilities, improve user experience and service quality, and promote the growth of core data. job requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above, with more than 3 years of product experience, dedicated research, strong curiosity and innovative thinking, experience in APP and small program R&D participation is preferred; 2. Familiar with the Internet development model, have full-cycle practical experience from demand research, product design, data analysis, product iteration, pursue user experience, and have the ability to grasp and weigh customer needs; 3. Excellent communication, organization and coordination skills, strong learning and adaptability, high sense of responsibility for work and able to withstand greater pressure; 4. Familiar with tools such as axure and visio. 5. Open for all nationalities but must be fluent in speaking Chinese/Mandarin and English. 6. Willing to work in Makati City (Philippines).
$2,510 - $4,180 Per Month