$450 per project
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>> Please contact me through "Send Message" for us to discuss your needs before placing an order. Also, please note that the price given is my daily rate and not a flat rate. << WHY YOU SHOULD WORK WITH ME: I have over 20 years of experience in creating high quality level visuals. I also studied interior design and a significant draftsman work experience gave me a strong understanding of the architecture field. My work is of high professional quality and will fit your needs. I am easy to work with and each project I handle is treated with the utmost care to ensure you will be a satisfied customer. HOW I WORK: This always depends on your specific needs and the art you want but is usually as follows: 1. You explain what you expect from me and what your specific needs are. 2. Once we have reached an agreement on both your needs and a price, you send me the blueprints or a base 3D model in a standard file format (such as .pdf, .dwg, .obj, .dxf, .rvt, etc.). 3. The rest of the process is mainly back and forth between us until you are satisfied. Expect daily contacts to get your feedback and make sure the art will suit your needs. Talk to you soon!
$450 per project
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Found in a cave on a small body of the Tucana M system, the artifact is believed to be a cyborg soldier involved during the final Zone War. Though, it is worth mentionning that the only organic part of this type of unit is its original human skull.