$10 per project
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Prepare monthly and quarterly management reporting Manage the company's financial accounting, monitoring, and reporting systems Control and monitor weekly costs, expenses, and profit to assist the Manager to have an overview of the company’s finances. Keep a clear and steady cash flow report. Ensures that no overpayment of expenses/subscriptions/ monthly plans. Monitor the day-to-day financial operations within the company (payments, invoicing, and other transactions) Maintain confidential files concerning the company’s financial documents (Cloud platform will be provided for this) Ensures that monthly accrual accounting and cash flow report are correct before sending to the Manager. Helps the Tax Adviser have all the up to date information, and upload info to Tax Adviser’s platforms. Keep the Balance Sheet up to date. Reconcile bank transactions Ensure maintenance of proper books of accounts. Prepare invoices for the clients and demand payment when needed. Monitor and manage expenses within allotted budgets. Fill Public Help Incentive requests as directed by the government Tasked to monitor cash flows Checking of subcontractors invoices Reminding the manager/executive of important payment deadlines Control of Credit card payments and purchases Bank Reconciliations Financial Reports Forecasting Budgeting Perform any task assigned by the Manager. Procurement Billing, AP Functions, and Management Accounts Receivable Management I can also Set-Up your Chart of Accounts in your Accounting Tools, and also Set-up Entirely the Accounting Systems based on the scope of work.