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$1,600 - $2,200 Per Month
Full Time
Makati City, Philippines
9 months ago
Job Responsibilities: 1. Use various recruitment channels to publish recruitment advertisements and develop recruitment channels; 2. Execute recruitment, selection, interview, selection and placement; 3. Conduct pre-employment testing and resume screening; 4. Make full use of various recruitment channels to meet the company's talent needs; 5. Assist personnel to complete the on-boarding background adjustment process and the issuance of offers; 6. Establish a backup talent selection plan and a talent reserve mechanism. Qualifications: 1. More than 1-3 years of experience in recruiting in the same industry. 2. College degree or above, familiar with Internet recruitment channels, proficient in commonly used office software 3. Have a good ability to resist pressure, excellent coordination and communication skills. 4. Good personal image, self-confidence, enthusiasm, kindness, maintain a good company image 5. Open to all nationalities but at least with a good command of Chinese/Mandarin and English. Salary negotiable: 11K-15K RMB Working hours: 8 off, 8 + Philippine leave Meal supplement: 420-550p/day, depending on the rank Housing allowance: 22000-32000p/month by rank
$1,600 - $2,200 Per Month